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Why did my print fail?

Print failures happen. It’s an inherent part of 3D printing technology. The MiLL faculty will do what it can to help you print successfully as much as possible, but a failed print now and then is bound to happen. Print failures in the MiLL will fall into one of two categories:

Mechanical Failure

If the printer experiences some kind of mechanical failure while printing your submission, like a filament jam, loss of power, extruder error, or something else, the MiLL faculty will attempt to fix the mechanical failure and re-print your submission. We will attempt to notify you by email of the status of your print, but always feel free to follow up with us at

Faulty 3D Model

Not all 3D models are created equal.

Print failures due to faulty models cannot be fixed by the MiLL faculty. You will receive the failed print at pick up just like any other print. Common causes of failed prints due to faulty models include:


- not laying the 3D model flat on the build plate when preparing the .makerbot file in the MakerBot Desktop software

- not including rafts causing the print to separate from the base

- not adding supports when a model has any portion overhanging empty space)

- creating models that are too thin – and more.

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