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Flanders, New Jersey

The Mount Olive Township School District is a comprehensive community public school district that serves students in pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade from Mount Olive Township, in Morris County, New Jersey, United States.






In September of 2016, Mount Olive High School opened its doors to a state-of-the-art Makerspace entitled, "The Marauder Innovation Learning Lab". With more than thirty 3D printers, Mount Olive is the first high school in the world to have a Makerbot Innovation Center.  At its heart, the MiLL is a large multi-functional workshop that includes a variety of tool/skill stations, which surround our dedicated Thinkerspace.  The Thinkerspace is located in the center of the MiLL where students can brainstorm and discuss their ideas, independently or collaboratively.


Making what's next!


It all starts with an idea. . . that will be cultivated by our innovators’ imagination, skills, and talents into a reality. By melding art and design concepts, our scholars will embrace challenges as critical and creative thinking practices help them realize that mistakes are opportunities for improvement. Thus, our innovators are empowered to explore, collaborate, build, and design potential products for the good of humanity. Ultimately, they will become confident and compassionate global leaders. 



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