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3D Printing Best Practices

Use this checklist to make sure your print is ready for submission.

- Make sure your model is centered and actually on the platform in the Makerbot Desktop position settings.


- Make sure your model is oriented correctly on the MakerBot platform.  If your print is tall, you may want to re-orient the object to lay flat so it will need less support while printing.

- Make sure Raft is turned on in Makerbot Desktop settings before you export.  The raft provides a consistent base and keeps your object from slipping during printing.

- Make sure Support is turned on in Makerbot Desktop settings before you export.  If your object has any area that is supposed to exist over empty space, turn this on.  Without support the print is almost certain to fail and you will end up with a spaghetti print. You may also have to go into custom settings and add Extra Support, Breakaway Support and/or Bridging if you have a particularly challenging object.

- Make sure your Quality setting is set to Low or Standard.  We do not recommend changing this to High unless you have printed a working low resolution print.

- The build volume on the MakerBot printers is 9.9 inches L x 7.8 inches W x 5.9 inches H. Print submissions cannot exceed this size or they will not be printed.

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