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Winter in the MiLL

The industrial design program at the MiLL has had a busy December and January. A variety of projects are described below and allowed students to grow in collaboration, design, and prototyping skills.


Industrial Design 1, the half year introductory course in product design and prototyping, worked on some major projects during December and January. Half of the students were paired up with a musician in Mr. John DiEgidio's Introduction to Music class to design and produce a custom recorder. The student designers and client musicians had to share their expertise in the mechanics of making sound with a recorder, sketching, 3D modeling and printing, and testing and troubleshooting. Another round of collaborations is planned for the future.

The other half of the students were tasked with designing and producing either a functioning clock or lamp. Each student had to design and build their product from scratch and have it work with the provided clock and lamp parts. Students chose to work in cardboard, foam, acrylic, and 3D printed materials. Some students chose to work with 'found objects' such as records and books, or a combination of several materials.


Industrial Design 2 is the full year product design course that expands on innovation, prototyping, and human-centered design skills.

In December, students completed work on original chess set designs inspired by historical movements in industrial design that were previously studied and shared. Each set was inspired by a movement but with the student's take on it. Sets were modeled or scanned and 3D printed in our Makerbot Innovation Center.

In January, students were tasked with choosing an architectural structure and recreating it in their choice of materials, but using a strong base of cardboard. Cardboard is an industry standard material as it is simultaneously versatile, inexpensive, and recyclable. Students had to determine a scale and problem solve their way through how best to utilize their material and creativity. These construction and craftsmanship skills help to create a problem solver that takes pride in their work.

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